Many times some very important decisions about a house or a property are made before the architect is involved – which includes buying a house or a property.

Uniquely positioned as registered architects and builders, we can offer you valuable pre-design advising in order to strategically plan your project. This might include exploring the feasibility of a project- including cost-benefit analysis of alternates, zoning analysis, structural analysis, identifying Department of Buildings and Landmarks constraints, and preliminary analysis of overall project costs.

Our team’s extensive design-build experience, together with an insightful understanding of the NYC’s real-estate market will help you identify the real potential value of your current or future property, and make educated decisions that will affect your life.


Part of our pre-design services can also include a unique health assessment of your current or future home; for that we’ll utilize “Healthy Home Hunter”, a proprietary innovative digital tool that our team has developed, which taps into, curates and filters publicly accessible health data associated with the specific home address that you are interested in – such as air quality, neighborhood crime rates, home security, school system quality, access to public transportation, social diversity, etc.. Through scientific and quantifiable means, the application will create for you a personalized health report that will cast light into environmental, health and social parameters in regards to your physical environment – and more specifically with the property that you own or you are considering buying.