At reBUILD we believe it’s our responsibility as architects to make the world a healthier place. Accordingly, we aspire to do the following principles, which we follow on every project:

1. Use healthy materials for people and the environment
2. Reduce the projects footprint– energy, water and materials.
3. Creating a healthy habitat – inside and outside.
4. We seek solutions that are enduring and increase the potential of the place.

Sample of “green” tactics

– Maximize use of natural light (daylighting)
– Energy-efficient lights, systems (heating and cooling)
– High-performance plumbing fixtures and fittings
– Renewable energy systems (photovoltaic, ground-source heat pumps)
– Energy efficient design (windows, walls, roofs, cellars)
– Low-emitting materials and furniture (VOCs, added urea formaldehyde, phallaeds, etc)
– Inventory and address existing health concerns such as paint, boilers, and other indoor pollutant sources
– Green roofs
– High-efficiency systems upgrades


All reBUILD Workshop partners are LEED© Accredited Professionals and have completed more than dozen LEED Certified projects around the country.



reBUILD Workshop is a proud EPA lead-safe certified contractor