Outdoor Makeover


Cedar decking, built-in seating and landscaping at our Upper East Side project


We believe your outdoor living space is an integral component of your home; it should be designed with the same principles, as the natural extension of your interior space.

Merging indoors- outdoors – Concept sketch for a townhouse project ©reBUILD Workshop



Our landscape designers can help you select native hedgerow plants to provide a green, layered look.


Home gardens should suit you personality, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle, but sometimes you just need a starting point! At reBUILD, we partner with local landscape experts to help you design your distinct natural environment – either just to add a pop of color, or to create a private space for you and your family.

When the garden becomes part of the whole composition, not only it becomes something functional, but complements the interior space – and makes every inch of your home more enjoyable.

Besides design and installation, our preferred landscape partners can also provide ongoing maintenance to keep your gardens in shape!

reBUILD’s professionals work on every stage of the landscape process, from planning to installation and maintenance. We can create small, urban gardens as well as large landscaping design projects.


Re-invented backyard of a limestone house in Brooklyn has a central dining area with pendant heating lamps so it can be enjoyed year-round; for the pervious patio we used reclaimed solid bricks on a sand-bed. The cedar wood fence integrates lighting, water, audio (speakers).


Warm weather is coming, we want you to spend more time in your outdoor space! This means you might need all the amenities so you can enjoy outdoor living!

Custom benches, lighting, irrigation systems, fire pits, patios, pergolas, or even an entire green roof of edible garden – there’s so much that can be integrated. Building a deck or a patio is the easiest way to expand your living space, and add significant value to your property. Small details can also have big impact in a landscape. Make sure hardscape materials—natural stone, pavers, gravel, wood and various hardware—all can work together and complement your house’s architectural style, and amenities.

It’s all about the materials! Built-in bluestone seating, reclaimed solid brick paving, carefully selected plants, and – the highlight -a water pond! All at a townhouse project of us in Brooklyn, recently completed.


Cobble Hill backyard

Introducing level changes to a backyard is often done to bring daylight into the garden level space. If done creatively, it can be both functional and elegant. Pictured one of our projects in Cobble Hill.


A privacy fence serves to separate your property from the neighbors’ and offer privacy to your space. At the same time – in the 15-25 foot wide lots that are the norm in New York City, the fences around your backyard become a dominant element of the space – something you practically face when you are out there, whether you want it or not. This is the reason why its design and configuration is so important.

A series of parameters – such as the selection of materials, height, degree of opacity or transparency, texture and color can greatly affect the perception, functionality and feel of your outdoor space.  For these decisions – as with everything else –we can guide you so you can better understand  upfront versus life-cycle costs, and make educated decisions.

And don’t forget: you can use the new fence to run electrical, water, audio, and lighting – safe and seamless.


Outdoor lighting creates a mood. Whether fixtures are functional or decorative – their style, output, and placement in your outdoor space will be the more important design element from dusk to dawn. Whether you want to light the way on a path, add a warm glow to a front porch, or draw attention to a specimen tree with a well-placed up-light, the right kind of lighting not only creates a sense of balance or visual interest, it expands the space and highlights the terrain.

Outdoor shower enclosed in IPEI wood privacy fence

Outdoor Shower

Anyone who has lived or traveled to Mediterranean countries dreams of an outdoor shower! If you own a house or have an outdoor space, chances are you can make that a reality.

Outdoor shower is one of life’s great pleasures as well as the most useful method of dealing with muddy dogs and sandy children. 

Whether you are looking at the freestanding models, hose-powered portable showers, or wall-mount fixtures, you’ll need to weather proof the pipes for NYC winter; therefore plumbing and hardware become an intricate part of your outdoor shower dream.  If he shower is done right, it is usable for 9 months of the year, and a cheapest ticket to a vacation destination.