Design + Build 


What is Design + Build?

Design-build is an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method, under which approach architecture and construction services are split into separate entities, and contracts. Design-Build is instead a method of project delivery in which one entity – the design/build team – works with the owner to provide both architectural and construction services. One entity means a unified flow of work from the beginning through completion – thereby integrating the role of architect and constructor.


Why Design + Build?

The advantages of the design-build method for the owner are multiple – which is the reason why across the country and around the world, it is today the preferred method for delivering both small and large projects.


Single point of responsibility means that you only have to deal with us for everything – design and construction, meeting the budget, and the quality of work. This way any conflicts that typically arise between the architect and the builder are avoided.


Having the construction team integrated in the design means that re-designs, unnecessary effort over-documenting the design, and long bidding process are all avoided. Also, in many cases construction can start before the design is finalized – which can also reduce the project duration.


It is our experience that this is the most economical way to build a project of small to medium scale in New York City since it typically offers significant savings on the overall project costs when compared to the traditional design, bid, and build process. That is realized because of the single design & build team: we take cost into account as we develop the design with you, and we communicate with our builders early in the process to guarantee cost-effective solutions.


Design-Build is the only way you can keep the control of the process. From the beginning of the job you set the goals and the project budget, from which the project duration is also estimated. During the process, our team will assist you in making the right, educated decisions that will allow you to realize your vision for your space, while meeting the agreed upon budget – avoiding any surprises.